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Licensure Recertification

The following list contains links to the pages of the published HCPS recertification manual. The pages are available in Adobe Acrobat format. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to access the Adobe files.

Some Adobe Acrobat Reader files can be filled in on the screen and printed. A hard copy of the form must be submitted to the person(s) indicated on the form.

Please note: Recertification is the responsibility of the employee. Best practice is that employees should always keep duplicate records of what points they have accumulated during their 5 year recertification period. HR does not keep records of student teacher/practicum teacher requests and placements. Those requests go directly to the building administrator. Therefore, as you place student teachers and practicum students you should complete proper documentation for record keeping so that when your 5 year renewal cycle comes up, you have the necessary records.

Introduction Memo/Verification Procdures for Licensure Recertification
Requirements for Licensure Recertification (effective 9/21/07)
Advisors for Licensure Recertification
Class Registration Form - Professional Development
(This form must be submitted for approval of tuition reimbursement prior to the start date of the class/course.  Reimbursement may not be available without prior approval.)
Request for Reimbursement - Professional Development
(Submit this form no later than 10 days after completing your course.)
Individual Renewal Record (RPS 1)
Request to Attend: Workshop/Conference (RPS 2)
Verification of Participation: Workshop/Conference (RPS 2a)
Request to Earn Curriculum Development Points (RPS 3)
Mentorship/Supervision (RPS 6)
Educational Project (RPS 7)
Application for Approval of Professional Development Projects/Activities (RPS 8)
Report of Completion of Professional Development Project/Activity (RPS 8a)