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Parent Notification System

Harrisonburg City Public Schools uses Blackboard Connect Voice Messaging System to send information about school closings and delays via telephone and email.  Notifications about school openings, closing and delays will also be posted on the division's main website page. 

The automated calling system is populated from the division student information system, therefore, it is important that information maintained in that system is up to date and accurate.  Please make sure that your child's school has current phone numbers and email addresses if you wish to receive automated division and school announcements.

Non-emergency phone calls are made to the first phone number listed for a student in our student information system.  Duplicate phone numbers are not called.  Text messages may also be sent to cell phones that are listed in the student information system. You will have the option to opt out if you do not wish to receive text messages.

Emergency phone calls are made to all phone numbers listed for a student in our student information system.  However, once a phone is answered (live or answering machine/device) the remaining numbers for the student are not called. 

To manage your contact information and modes of communication, you may sign up for the Connect Portal.  (Download PDF instructions for Connect Portal.)

If you are not receiving notifications, contact Mike Cox or Shannon Davis at 540-434-9916.

Note:  The school division cannot guarantee that announcements about school openings, closings, and delays will be delivered. Servers, including the HCPS server, may be out of service in severe weather situations.  The absence of an announcement posted on the web and sent to parents/patrons via phone does not necessarily mean that there are no closings, delayed openings, or early dismissals. Consult with local radio and TV stations for additional information.