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Parent Advisory Committee

The Parent Advisory Committee meets with the Superintendent to discuss what is currently happening in the division and exchanges ideas to aid in building a better learning environment for our children.

Meeting Dates - Skyline Middle School Library - 6:00 pm

October 11 (minutes)
December 6
February 7 (minutes)
April 11

Committee Representatives

Harrisonburg High School
  • Maria Lugo
  • Neguisse Mariam
  Spotswood Elementary School
  • Marcos Benitez
  • Anita Lunsford
Skyline Middle School 
  • Nancy Castro
  • Ayesha Shakoor
  Stone Spring Elementary School
  • Lindsey Sodikoff
  • Laurent Tchommo
Thomas Harrison Middle School
  • Yessica Flores
  • Kira Newman
  Waterman Elementary School
  • Cristina Nuevo Luna
  • Annette Loker
Bluestone Elementary School
  • Marlin Carr
  • Siquina Hill
  Gifted Education Advisory Committee
  • Dennis Beck
Keister Elementary School
  • Rodney Jones
  • Lavan Rostem
  Special Education Advisory Committee
  • Lynda Chandler
Smithland Elementary School
  • Natalia Botkins
  • Yanira Elisabet Portillo Amaya