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Health Education Philosophy

In Harrisonburg City Public Schools we believe that Health instruction plays a vital role in preventing health problems and improving the quality of life and total well-being. Our primary focus is to motivate all students to take an active role in maintaining and improving their mental-emotional, family-social and physical health.

This philosophy of health instruction as a crucial and positive aspect of a comprehensive school health program supports the following goals:

  • The program will emphasize that health is a right and a responsibility of every individual and community.
  • The program will promote the principals of safe living and disease prevention to avoide health problems.
  • The program will develop knowledge and skills necessary for mental, social and physical well-being.
  • The program will promote the positive impacts that the individual, the family and the community can have on environmental health.
  • The program will increase student knowledge related to the structure of the human body and patterns of health growth and development.
  • The program will be developmentally sound and sequential.