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The School Board recognizes that many excellent, meaningful in-service programs, conferences, workshops, and other activities related to education are held by many and varied organizations, associations, colleges, and private groups.  The attendance by teachers at such functions enhances the educational climate of the schools through information obtained, and teachers are encouraged to attend.  However, the effect of the teachers' absences from the classroom must be carefully weighed against the benefits to be gained.  Excess absences of teachers from their classrooms and excessive use of substitute teachers may impair the educational program.

The Superintendent of schools may, if he/she feels it is in the best interest of the school division, grant professional leave to teachers or administrators to attend conferences, meetings, or other activities. Professional leave may be granted with or without pay and with or without reimbursement of expenses. Employees must indicate when applying for leave, if reimbursement for expenses will be requested and if a substitute will be needed.

No classroom teacher may be absent from teaching for more than five days of the 180 teaching days for attending conferences.  Should more days be needed, the request is to be presented to the Superintendent.  Professional leave opportunities that require the use of a substitute may not be taken in less than 1/2 day increments.

Professional leave is not granted to a teacher/parent accompanying his/her child on a field trip.

The Superintendent may grant such leaves for administrative personnel, as he/she deems proper.

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Adopted: November 5, 1991
Revised: February 7, 1995
March 6, 2007

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