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Sick Leave                                                                                                 634

The following is the sick leave plan provided by the Harrisonburg City School Board.  Employees may be required to provide certification by a medical provider of the illness or need for sick leave.

A. Accumulation of sick leave:

  1. Each full-time ten-month employee (uncontracted employees are not eligible) in the city schools may earn a maximum of ten days each year.  Eleven-month employees earn eleven days each year; twelve-month employees earn twelve.  Part-time employees under contract will be granted proportional sick.  For example, a person employed on half-time basis would be allowed one-half of regular sick leave.  The superintendent shall have discretionary authority to grant up to two additional sick leave days (annually) at the request of the employee and depletion of all leave balances. 
  1. Earnings for less than a full year of full-time employment shall be at the rate of one day per month or major fraction thereof.  This provision applies to those employees who do not begin working at the start of the school term and to those who do not complete the full year. 
  1. An employee cannot claim any portion of earned leave unless he/she has actually reported for duty for the regular school term in accordance with the terms of the employee’s contract.  However, if an employee is unable, because of illness, to begin working when the school year begins, such employee may be allowed to use accumulated leave to his/her credit not to exceed such balances to his/her credit as of June 30 of the immediate preceding school year. 
  1. The School Board permits employees to anticipate sick leave earnings for the current school year provided adequate provisions are made for a refund in the event the employee terminates employment before such credit is earned.  
  1. An employee must work more than half the workdays in a given month to receive a day of sick leave.  In a month which has twenty workdays, the employee must work eleven of the workdays to receive the day of sick leave.  No half-day of sick leave may be earned. 
  1. Sick leave, if not used, may accumulate from year to year without limit.  Except as provided at retirement, no compensation for unused accumulated sick leave shall be provided to employees who cease employment with Harrisonburg City Public Schools. 
  1. Sick leave will not be available for summer school, evening, substitute, or other temporary employees.

B. Use of Sick Leave:

  1. Sick leave shall be allowed for personal illness (including quarantine), personal medical or dental appointments when approved by the employee’s immediate supervisor. 
  1. Sick leave may also be used for illness or death in the immediate family requiring the attendance of the employee for not more than five days in any one case.  Three additional days may be used in certain cases with permission of the superintendent of schools. 
  1. The “immediate family” of an employee shall be regarded to include natural parent, foster parent, stepmother, stepfather, wife, husband, child, foster child or any child
  2. under guardianship, grandchild, brother, sister, father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandparent of employee, grandparent of spouse and any other relative living in the household of the employee.  (Any other relative living in the household of the employee is limited only in that the relative, however distant, must live in the household of the employee). 
  1. Sick leave shall also be granted pursuant to the Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave Policy #631. 

C. Retirement or Other Separation of Employment

  1. All accumulated sick leave shall terminate, except as defined below, upon the expiration of employment.  An employee may transfer from one school system to another in Virginia and likewise transfer any such accumulated leave if the School Board of the system to which the transfer is being made signifies its willingness to accept such transfer. 
  1. An employee will be presumed to have left the public school system if he/she accepts employment other than in the public school system of Virginia or is unable to work in the public schools of Virginia for a period of three consecutive years because of illness, physical disability or family responsibility.  Employees who leave the public school system to enter the armed services do not forfeit accumulated earnings unless they fail to return to the public school system in a timely manner upon honorable discharge from an original tour of duty in the armed services. 
  1. Sick leave funds must be used in accordance with the regulations set forth herein. 
  1. The School Board will pay $20.00 at the time of retirement for every unused sick day up to a maximum of 150 days.  The employee must have ten years of service in the Harrisonburg City Public Schools, five of which must immediately precede retirement.  If an employee is eligible for retirement and does not have ten years of service in Harrisonburg City Public Schools, including five immediately preceding retirement, the school division will pay $10.00 for every day of unused sick leave earned in Harrisonburg up to a maximum of 120 days.
  1. Retirement referred to above is retirement that meets the criteria as set forth by the Virginia Retirement System, including disability retirement. 
  1. Additional administrative regulations may be issued for implementation of the sick leave plan.

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Adopted: June 25, 1991
Revised: December 17, 1991
August 17, 1993
June 4, 2002 (Effective July 1, 2002)
March 6, 2007
August 21, 2007
April 16, 2013

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