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Personal Leave                                                                                       629

Two days of personal leave will be granted with pay per contract year to all employees subject to the following guidelines and to administrative regulations:

  1. Personal leave may not be taken immediately preceding or following holidays (the superintendent may grant rare exceptions for emergencies). 
  1. Except in emergency situations, at least 48 hours prior approval by the immediate supervisor must be given. Determination of whether an emergency exists shall be made by the supervisor. 
  1. Personal leave may be subject to disapproval when services of the employee are required on the date(s) for which leave is requested. 
  1. Personal leave that requires the use of a substitute may not be taken in less than 1/2 day increments.

Full-time employees with five or more years of experience shall be eligible to accumulate three days of unused personal leave days and carry these forward to the next year. Combined with the two days of personal leave granted annually, a qualified employee, with appropriate approval, may take up to five days of personal leave in a contract year.  No more than three personal leave days may be carried over to the next year. Unused days beyond these three will be converted to sick leave at the conclusion of each year.

In addition to the two personal leave days referenced above, and subject to the same restrictions, employees who have completed three years of employment in Harrisonburg City Schools may annually use one day of their accumulated sick leave days as a personal leave day.  This additional personal day may be used only after the two regular personal leave days have been used.  Further, if unused, this day continues as a sick leave day and becomes a part of the employee's accumulated sick leave.  The day may not be counted as an accumulated personal leave day. (Employees are not required to deplete their accumulated personal leave days from previous years before utilizing the optional personal leave day.)

The Superintendent shall have discretionary authority to grant up to two additional personal leave days (which may be with or without pay) for rare and nonrepeating opportunities to long-term employees in good standing.  The Superintendent shall establish appropriate regulations to clarify and control these rare exceptions to personal leave usage.  The School Board has the right to review leave taken under this policy.

This policy does not preclude an employee requesting from the school board leave with or without pay under certain circumstances.  This request should be submitted to the board through the school principal and Superintendent in advance of the desired leave date when possible.

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Adopted: June 25, 1991
Revised:  May 21, 1996
May 4, 1999
March 20, 2001
March 6, 2007

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