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Sick Leave Bank                                                                                    627

The School Board shall maintain a sick leave bank for full-time employees as long as one-third of the eligible members participate in the sick leave bank.  The sick leave bank has been established for employees who have prolonged, catastrophic, or long-term illness or injury, have exhausted their own sick leave and fully intend to return to work.  This employee benefit is not intended to bridge the gap between service or disability retirement.


  1. Membership in the sick leave bank shall be voluntary and open to all eligible employees.
  1. Each full-time employee who accumulates sick leave is eligible for membership and may become a member by donating one day of sick leave upon joining and one day thereafter whenever an assessment is required.


  1. In order to participate an employee must have worked in the Harrisonburg City Public Schools for at least one contract year.
  1. An employee who does not enroll when first eligible may do so between any subsequent August 15 and September 15 period. An employee must be enrolled in the plan for three months prior to becoming eligible to utilize the benefits of the sick leave bank.
  1. Membership in the bank must be continuous unless the employee informs the sick leave bank administrator prior to September 15 of his/her intent to withdraw from participation in the bank.


  1. A member will not be able to utilize the sick leave bank entitlement until his/her own sick leave is depleted.  Applications for use of the sick leave bank must be submitted within ten working days after all accrued sick leave has been exhausted.  Members utilizing days from the bank will not have to replace these days.
  1. The first thirty consecutive contract days of illness or injury will not be covered by the sick leave bank but must be covered by the employee's own accumulated leave or leave without pay.  Any one member can draw up to a maximum of sixty days per school year.
  1. A doctor's certificate is required before a member can use his/her sick leave bank entitlement.  This statement is to be submitted in writing to the superintendent in advance of the absence for which the days are to be granted.  Requests cannot be made retroactively.
  1. The sick leave bank cannot be used for family care (members only).
  1. Sick leave, which requires the use of a substitute, may not be taken in less than 1/2 day increments.


  1. Participants in the sick leave bank will be assessed an additional day(s) of sick leave at such times as the bank is depleted to one hundred twenty days.  Notification of such assessment shall be sent to each member at the time it is determined to be necessary.
  1. A member who has no sick leave to contribute at the time of assessment shall be assessed this day(s) from the first sick leave day(s) subsequently accumulated.


  1. Upon termination of employment or withdrawal of membership in the bank, a participant will not be permitted to withdraw or be paid for his/her contributed day(s).
  1. The sick leave bank will carry over its total days from one school year to the next.
  1. The effective date of this policy will be July 1, 1991.

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Adopted: June 25, 1991
Revised: March 6, 2007

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