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Administrative Employees

Dr. Scott R. Kizner Superintendent CO 540.434.9916
J. Patrick Lintner Assistant Superintendent for Instruction CO 540.434.9916
Craig Mackail Assistant Superintendent of Operations & School Safety CO  540.434.9916
Andrew Ansoorian Executive Director of Human Resources CO  540.434.9916
Andrea Early Executive Director of School Nutrition CO 540.437.3317
April Howard Executive Director of Psychological & Student Services CO 540.434.2752
Tracy Shaver Executive Director of Finance CO  540.434.9916
Toni Sheets Executive Director of Technology CO  540.434.9916
Sandi Thorpe Executive Director of Special Programs CO  540.434.2752
Jeremy Aldrich Director of Testing, CTE, and World Languages CO 540.434.9916
Joy Blosser Director of Elementary Instructional Support and Student Talent Development CO 540.434.9916
Ann Conners Supervisor of Training and Teacher Development CO 540.434.9916
Michael Cox Manager of Data and Reporting CO 540.434.9916
Amy Henderson Coordinator of Elementary Mathematics CO 540.434.9916
Andy Jackson Secondary Science Coordinator / HHS STEM Academy Director HHS 540.433.2651
Roy Kite Supervisor of Maintenance Division 540.434.9916
Kelly Lineweaver Coordinator of Policy and Communication CO 540.434.9916
Carrie Martell Instructional Specialist CO 540.434.2752
Laura Feichtinger McGrath ESL Coordinator CO 540.434.9916
Suzanne Miller Literacy Coordinator CO 540.434.9916
Kirk Moyers Social Studies Coordinator / Social Studies Teacher CO 540.434.9916
Brian Nussbaum Coordinator of Secondary Mathematics CO 540.434.9916
Alan Quimby Instructional Technology Coordinator/ITRT SKMS 540.434.6862
Sal Romero Coordinator of Family and Community Engagement CO 540.434.9916
Amy Sabarre Director of STEM Education CO 540.434.9916
Kim Seifert Payroll Supervisor CO 540.437.3325
Sharon Shuttle Early Learning Services Coordinator CO 540.434.2752
J.R. Snow Fine Arts Coordinator / Music Teacher CO 540.434.9916
Ramona Stahl Welcome Center Supervisor SSES 540.433.3644
Amy Wheeler Health & P.E Coordinator / Health & P.E. Teacher HHS 540.433.2651
Jordi Boronat Garcia Welcome Center Registrar KES 540.433.3644
Regina Breeden Finance / Technology Secretary CO 540.434.9916
Kathy Burke Accounts Payable Clerk  CO 540.434.9916
Karen Casey Special Programs Secretary CO 540.434.2752
Loretta Clark Medicaid Coordinator CO  540.434.2752
Doris Dahmer Special Programs Bookkeeper CO 540.434.2752
Shannon Davis Data Warehouse Specialist CO 540.434.9916
Lauren Friend Human Resources Secretary CO 540.437.3324
Charles Getz Computer Resource Technician Division 540.434.9916
Shannon Good Instructional Secretary CO 540.434.9916
Dwayne Hottinger Network Supervisor Division 540.433.2651
Elizabeth Jerlinski Receptionist / Human Resources Secretary CO 540.434.9916
Janice Knupp Special Programs Secretary CO 540.434.9916
Lisa Knupp Secretary to Superintendent / Clerk of the Board CO 540.434.9916
Karen Lam Human Resources / Benefits Secretary CO 540.434.9916
Candy Mauzy Administrative Assistant to Nutrition CO 540.437.3316
Peggy May Instructional Secretary CO 540.437.3308
Mary Lou Nipe Licensure Specialist CO 540.434.9916
Veda Ritchie School Nutrition Operations Specialist CO 540.437.3316
Rick Sayers Technology Specialist Division 540.434.9916
Ed Saylor Computer Resource Technician Division 540.820.9370
Craig Shoemaker Computer Resource Technician (HHS & THMS) Division 540.810.5617
Lisa Siever Instructional Secretary CO 540.434.9916
Tammy Spitzer Purchasing Specialist CO 540.437.3326
Lora Stader Data Processing Specialist Division 540.433.2651
Allison Stefancin Finance Assistant CO 540.434.9916